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Welcome to Dwight Whitworth and Company

Welcome to Dwight Whitworth and Company, a team of worship pastors dedicated to pairing great churches with great worship pastors in churches large and small and from traditional to blended to contemporary.

Founded in 2016

Dwight Whitworth

Dwight has lived his life following God’s call to minister wherever He led and was groomed for ministry from childhood by his home church pastor. He was mentored by Dr. David Randlett of Liberty University, the pioneer of both today’s traditional and contemporary church music programs. Dwight has dedicated his life to building strong worship and music ministries in churches ranging from 150 members to 6,000+ members, and from traditional to contemporary music. He now serves as a music ministry consultant to churches across the United States.

How Our Service Works


We help small churches and large ones. At times, we have even worked pro bono for some churches that couldn’t pay anything. All of our client churches receive the same quality consultation, ministry, and dedication. Weekly fees are capped by your church’s weekly financial package for the worship pastor position. If hours exceed the cap for that week, those additional hours will be pro bono.

Vetting Candidates

Taking what your DWC consultant learns about your church, our candidate vetting process begins. It is detailed, structured and proven successful, enabling us to find the worship pastor who pairs with your church music team, staff, members, vision and potential. We will keep you informed every step of the way. Your consultant can also pull from the wisdom and experience of the entire DWC team, if needed.

Personal Visit

Your Dwight Whitworth & Company consultant will personally visit your church, get to know your pastor, music ministry team, leadership, staff and church family, and will participate in your worship service to identify your specific needs and potential.

Selecting a Candidate

Your DWC consultant will present to your pastor or search committee a Proposed Candidate who pairs well with your church. The Proposed Candidate will have been thoroughly vetted and will not be considering any other church while being considered by your church.

What They Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Lead Pastor – Mississippi

I believe our team was encouraged and inspired because he showed them what our worship service could look like… I think the process used by Dwight Whitworth and Company is both effective and Christ-honoring. I also think that it is an essential approach that should be used by more churches, and I fully intend to tell other pastors about Dwight Whitworth and Company.

Church Selection Committee Chair – Ohio

After seeing the energy put forth by Dwight to find out about our congregation through the time he spent talking with us and his participation in Sunday morning worship, Dwight Whitworth and Company has become even more than trusted advisors. They have become friends in Christ who we know have God’s Kingdom and our congregation in their hearts.

Lead Pastor – Middle Tennessee

At the beginning of our agreement, Dwight stated that he would find a worship leader to fit in our church family within a six to eight-week period after our Observation Weekend. He did just that. In addition to his communication skills, he is organized and reliable. He worked for the needs of our church family seeking the needs and interest for us, involving everyone; and got the job done.

Prayer for Your Church and Ministry

Committed To Prayer

Dwight Whitworth and Company has an intercessory prayer team with members located across four states. Not only are they committed to praying daily for DWC, but they also pray for each church we serve as consultants. They pray for each pastor, search committee team, and candidate by name. Every day.

Every member of Dwight Whitworth and Company is also committed to prayer. Focused on Mark 4:26-29, each of us understands that we put the seed in the ground and then rely on God for the harvest in the churches we assist and that even the seeds we sow are placed in our hands by God.

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We would be happy to discuss your needs and look forward to pairing you with a great pastor or worship leader.