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Founded in 2016

How It Started

For more than a decade, Dwight Whitworth was troubled that so many great churches and great worship pastors were flying under the radar, not knowing of each other and not finding each other. Dwight didn’t like it that churches were turning to staffing companies that had no music ministry knowledge and that relied on business staffing procedures to find candidates. A successful worship pastor himself, he knew how to follow the Holy Spirit each time he considered working for a church. And he knew that staffing companies did not and could not offer that wisdom to churches.

Finally, in 2016, Dwight determined to take on the task on himself and began offering his knowledge, experience and insight to churches searching for worship pastors. Soon, there were more churches than Dwight could handle. So, he formed a team of likeminded and experienced worship pastors who now take Dwight’s vision and consultation model and multiply it in churches across the U.S. and Canada.


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Invest In Your Church’s Ministry

Dwight Whitworth and Company’s vetting processes are purposeful to protect the interests and integrity of all involved.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Dr. Vernon Whaley

Ray Jones

Dr. Randy Sheeks

Jana Long

Greg Long

Lead Pastor – Mississippi

I believe our team was encouraged and inspired because he showed them what our worship service could look like… I think the process used by Dwight Whitworth and Company is both effective and Christ-honoring. I also think that it is an essential approach that should be used by more churches, and I fully intend to tell other pastors about Dwight Whitworth and Company.

Church Selection Committee Chair – Ohio

After seeing the energy put forth by Dwight to find out about our congregation through the time he spent talking with us and his participation in Sunday morning worship, Dwight Whitworth and Company has become even more than trusted advisors. They have become friends in Christ who we know have God’s Kingdom and our congregation in their hearts.

Lead Pastor – Middle Tennessee

At the beginning of our agreement, Dwight stated that he would find a worship leader to fit in our church family within a six to eight-week period after our Observation Weekend. He did just that. In addition to his communication skills, he is organized and reliable. He worked for the needs of our church family seeking the needs and interest for us, involving everyone; and got the job done.

Our Partnerships

Dwight Whitworth and Company partners with Worship Leader Academy and Messenger AVL. Worship Leader Academy offers onsite and online training for worship leaders. Messenger AVL provides churches with the best equipment for audio, videography, and installation of production equipment. We invite you to click on their links below to learn more about how they can benefit your church.